small business EMAIL


small business EMAIL


Domain Email Setup & Hosting

We can establish and host your domain email for your business, helping you present a more professional image. Domain Email is when you use your website name (domain name) in your email address. For example We can also remotely configure your email on your computers and guide you over the phone to configure your smartphones, ready to use.


Always Online Premium Hosting → 99.99%+ UpTime

  • Hosting 1 POP Email Address @ $5 / month
  • Hosting 2 POP Email Addresses @ $4 each / month
  • Hosting 3+ POP Email Addresses @ $3 each / month
  • Hosting Auto-Sync IMAP 20 GB Addresses @ $8 each / month

Technical Features

Our Mail Servers are stored in three separate high-security facilities, equipped with UPS and emergency power generators, climate control and a gas extinguishing systems, providing 99.99% up-time.

  • Your Domain Name
  • Attachments up to 50 MB
  • 1 GB per Mailbox Included
  • Access via Computer and Smartphone
  • Web Mail access via Roundcube
  • Premium Hosting / 99.99%+ UpTime
  • Admin at User Level
  • Alias, Forwarding and Auto Responder
  • Antispam protection with SpamAssassin
  • Antivirus Virus filter with ClamAV
  • POP & IMAP Protocol with SSL
  • SMTP Outgoing Gateway with SSL
  • Automatic Secondary Mail Server
  • SPF Framework & DKIM Signature

small business EMAIL MARKETING

small business EMAIL MARKETING


Email Marketing & Newsletters

Send better email → Sell more stuff

Email Marketing gives you another chance to "market" or promote your business to your past customers, increasing the chance of a new sale. Statistics show that selling to an existing customer is far cheaper and quicker than finding a new customer.

Marketing emails and newsletters are created in HTML (website styling) and present a very professional image of your business as you present your products or services.

  • Establish your Email Management Account.
  • Import your past clients Email Addresses.
  • Design a Marketing Email / Newsletter Template.
  • Send First Newsletter - Test Email for proofing.
  • Send First Newsletter - Final Email.


  • Repopulate Existing Template with your newly supplied text + images, including up to 5 items.
  • Send Test Email for proofing.
  • Send Final Email.

*Extensive designs and updates incur additional charge.