small business ADWORDS


small business ADWORDS



If you want to generate more sales now, let us research the best keywords and establish or rebuild your campaign with sniper precision. We offer AdWords Management at rates that Australian small business can afford.


Above Average Results

Many talk of good results with 2% to 5% CTR. We prefer to show you live results of a 20% CTR on 300 Ad Clicks @ 60 cents, over 30 Days, in Average Ad Position 1.1.

While each campaigns results will vary, these results show we know how to design and construct a precision campaign and manage it to get cost effective results.


AdWords Benefits

  • Increase Your Sales → Results Focused Campaign
  • Control Your Costs → No Lock-in Contracts
  • Let Customers Find You → Keyword Research Included
  • Make Informed Decisions → Performance Reports
  • See Fast Results → Campaign Live within 5 Days

adwords packages

adwords packages



  • New Account Creation
  • Daily Account Polishing — First Month
  • Text Campaigns — Maximum 2
  • AdGroups — Maximum 20
  • KeyWords Research
  • Free Google Voucher — 100 Dollars


  • Text Campaign Required
  • Design One Image Campaign
  • Image Selection + Editing
  • Build One Image Ad — Multiple Sizes
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Re-Market to Past Website Visitors


  • Bid Management
  • Campaign Monitoring + Optimisation
  • Google Compliance Support
  • Campaigns — Maximum 2 Included
  • Lower Click Prices — Improved ROI
  • Month to Month — No Contracts

Understanding Campaign Types

For those of you who have not yet looked closely at Google AdWords, it actually has a range of options to advertise your business. There are the typical Text Ad seen when goggle searching a topic and Image Ads that are displayed as "banners" at the top of or throughout websites.

TEXT Ad Campaigns

Google AdWords is an online advertising service that places advertising text ads at the top, bottom and right of the list of search results Google displays for a particular search query. You can select keywords to trigger your ads to display to searchers and use the text ad to promote your products, services or special promotions.

PROMOTIONAL Image Ad Campaigns

Promotional ads are image ads that are also known as Banner Ads. These image ads are often displayed across the top or down the right hand side on some websites and often include some animation. When designed creatively and tastefully, they can be quiet eye-catching and a good source for leading visitors to your website.

REMARKETING Image Ad Campaigns

Remarketing Ads are also image ads, however with a specific strategy. They “follow" your website visitors over the following days and re-markets to them by displaying your image add when they are on other websites, reminding them about you.  These are an effective addition to your Google Campaign as data tells us that a large number of potential customers abandon the shopping cart close to purchase and this process can help recapture them far more easily then starting fresh with a new website visitor.


adwords landing page

adwords landing page

AdWords Landing Page

An AdWords Landing Page is a single vertical-scrolling web page designed to present a single product or service to your AdWords Campaign visitors. While your homepage provides your company overview to encourage exploration of your website, your landing page focuses solely on the sales conversion.


Drive More Sales

A well designed landing page drives more sales. It guides the visitor toward your conversion objective while removing many of the distractions like the menu that can allow the visitor to easily exit the page without taking your desired action.

  • Engage The Visitor Striking Graphics + Strategic Text
  • Surpass Expectations Enticing Product Value
  • Sell The Benefits A Reason To Buy
  • Instil Confidence Provide Social Proof
  • Reduce The Risk Provide a Guarantee
  • Achieve Results Clear Call-To-Action


  • Additional Landing Pages from $320   (cloned + modified)
  • Month-to-month Hosting @ $15
  • AB split-testing   (Optional Extra)

*Extensive designs incur additional charge


adwords management help

adwords management help



Helping Australian Small Business

Google AdWords is NOT right for all small business, but the real question to ask, is AdWords right for YOUR small business?

If you are still looking for help to understand AdWords and to decide if it is a good decision, then we encourage you to read our 5 Point Google Test just below.



5 Point Test — Can Google AdWords Help?

If you have a new or even an established small business and are looking to grow, obviously Google Adwords is an option many consider. But is it a good decision? There is the setup cost if you want to engage some Google AdWords Help (think AdWords Manager) to ensure you set up the campaign correctly and get the maximum benefit for your click dollars. Of course there is then those click dollars each month.  So how do you know if its going to be worth employing an AdWords Manager and trying an AdWords Campaign on your small business website? Try answering these questions to see if Google AdWords can help you.

1.  Is Anyone Searching for Your Product?

If you are selling a "market-leading new gadget", the odds are low that people will be searching for your product on Google. Imagine being the marketing manager at Skype when it launched. What words could you buy on Google? If you have a new product, or simply sell something people don’t search for on Google, you will likely waste a lot of time / money on a google AdWords Campaign that will never get any clicks.  Perhaps its better to "not" than to "to".

2.  Are Your Economics as Good or Better Than Your Competitor?

AdWords determines which ads show up for a given search, based on an auction between advertisers. To simplify this, lets say you bid $1 and ten other advertisers bid $2 to $3, it is unlikely you will be able to have your ads displayed on page One of Google, and hence unlikely to get any clicks and visitors to your website. If your competitors sell the exact same product or service that you do, but make two times the margin on every sale, they will be able to outbid you.  If you have a better business structure, a healthy profit margin, perhaps lower costs, low overheads, fewer staff, or even a home office, then you can likely out bid them and you will receive the clicks and website visitors.

3.  Do You Understand Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is easy to do but hard to do well. If your plan is to read a "how-to" book on AdWords from the library and then launch your AdWords campaign, you will likely cost yourself a lot of money. There are many, many nuances to running an effective AdWords Campaign. If you don’t have someone on your team with years of expertise, you will have far more success and profit at the end of the day by engaging an experienced Google AdWords Company or AdWords Manager.

4.  Do You Have an Effective Conversion Funnel?

Having a great product and a terrible web site is like spending millions of dollars on an awesome State-of-Origin night TV Ad but leaving the doors locked at your store when customers show up. Success with AdWords requires a deliberately designed Sales Conversion Funnel website or Landing Page. The ad text, the page a consumer lands on and the checkout or form submission experience needs to give that consumer confidence that you are the right merchant for their needs. Not to be put off though, even if you have a website which is a little lacking, you can have a one page custom landing page built and attached to your website, and have your Google AdWords point to this sales landing page.

5.  Do You Have a Good Offer?

If your competitors sell a blue gadget for $5 with free shipping and you sell that same product for $10 with $5 shipping, the best AdWords strategy in the world will not be successful. It is simply too easy to click on the next ad and comparison shop. Advertising on Google is no longer a secret. The odds are high that your competitors are already running AdWords campaigns. As a result, effectively competing on AdWords means that you need to at least be equal to, and hopefully better than, the competition. If your product and price is competitive then a trial on Google Ads is likely a good idea.


The points I have covered above are really just a "systems check" to help you determine how competitive your products and services are to your rivals.  Do you have the right margins?  The right marketing?  The right website?  The right offer?   If you can answer yes to all of these questions, not only will you have great success on AdWords, you’ll also have a superb business :)



The Next Step

If you just read the above 5 Point Test Can Google AdWords Help and would like to proceed with an AdWords Campaign to help move your Small Business forward, then give me a call if you prefer or complete the Your Project form and I will respond promptly.



Monthly Services

We offer AdWords Account Management starting from just $70 per month. Using an experienced AdWords Company to monitor and ensure your account, campaigns and keywords remain optimised and comply with Google guidelines is recommended.  A well optimised account can produce a better ROI by achieving more click visitors at lower click prices, helping you achieve your growth objectives.

 Google Partner & AdWords Company   OURDESK is an AdWords Services Company providing Pay Per Click Results Focused Packages.

Google Partner & AdWords Company

OURDESK is an AdWords Services Company providing Pay Per Click Results Focused Packages.

Servicing Clients Australia Wide

OURDESK is a Small Business IT Specialist and registered Google Partner providing AdWords Help & AdWords Management Services Australia wide including clients from the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.