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This months featured IT Project is for CROSSFIT HAWTHORN EAST.  CROSSFIT is the sister company to KULA YOGA also based in Melbourne. In fact, it's a husband and wife team. Kacey runs KULA and her husband Darren runs CROSSFIT.  In late 2014 Kacey contacted us and asked for help with her Google AdWords Campaign. She was looking for more structure and focus in her campaign and didn't quite know how to go about it. Well I guess we did an acceptable job of rebuilding Kacey's account and also setting up a new Text Ads Campaign, along with a Branding (CPM) Campaign and Re-marketing (RMKT) Campaign.  Why?  Because we were asked this month to do a similar multi-campaign for CROSSFIT which of course we were delighted to do.

As from today, CROSSFIT HAWTHORN EAST now has three new AdWords campaigns live. OURDESK will also be managing both their accounts via our AdWords Manager Service as we are a full AdWords Services Company offering Account Creation, Rebuilds and AdWords Management Services.

As you know we had a very terrible google adwords campaign set up before you came on board to help us. Thank you David. Kacey