I love the irony here in that I have SEO'ed my own OURDESK website, which in turn places OURDESK on page one for Google searches for keywords like SEO Services Help for Australian Small Business.  So people searching for help with their website SEO find me and end up using my SEO services to help them get found. SEO, if done correctly, really does actually work.

Last week I received an email via my OURDESK website from Pete, the owner of Nature's Counter in Perth. Pete had established his own business website + eShop and like many small business owners was looking to increase his online sales. After reviewing his website and eShop, I called Pete, we discussed his objectives and SEO budget, and agreed to work together.

Pete wisely chose the SEO Foundation Package we offer to small business owners who realise they need to start building their Google presence if they want to be found on google by searches for their products and/or services.

We promptly set about reviewing his website text content via a relevant quality content audit, some competitor analysis to identify opportunities, a website and eShop keywords audit then generated new keywords. We then proceeded with a website rewrite including the newly identified keywords. Next was an onsite meta data edit, renaming page titles, URLs and some SERP (search engine results page) text. Some image files required renaming too. We then set up google analytics for website traffic analysis and proceeded to construct business profile pages on high traffic online directories. Many IT companies now offer SEO services, then outsource the work overseas, which usually causes problems due to the lack of their cultural understanding of Australian culture and Australian small business. All work at OURDESK is completed in-house.

With the project complete and a little training with Pete on how to blog for efficient SEO benefit, and the super healthy natural products Nature's Counter offers, we expect to see Nature's Counter arrive on Googles page one in the coming weeks. We wish Pete great success with his business.

Hello David, thanks for all your help in restructuring my website and have taken on board your suggestions with blog page. Thanks so much David you're a legend! — Pete


Hi David, on google page 2, I reckon it's a friggin miracle in progress making! Have not seen anything like it since the inception of my website. You're an absolute miracle worker. Wonderful job!! Oh and got another order in the store this evening — Pete