PORTFOLIO — SOFT Flex Surfboards



We recently crossed paths with a local surfboard small business owner on the Sunshine Coast. John of SOFT Flex Surfboards was looking for someone to redesign his website and also help with the hosting and SEO. After a meeting to clarify Johns needs for the website, we set about to design and build the small business site, while ensuring it was modern, fresh, easy to use and mobile friendly. The website was completed on time and even included additional features like Live Chat to allow website visitors to ask / receive immediate responses about the products. We wish John well and look forward to seeing his business continue to expand.

Thanks for everything David, I like the new websiteJohn

PORTFOLIO — Metro Auctions LLC (USA)



Several weeks back we received an email via our website (thanks to our SEO) from Ryan & Chris, the owners of a new small business startup in New York, USA. Their business is called Metro Auctions LLC and they were google searching their own business name and found the Australian business website for METRO AUCTIONS which of course was built by OURDESK. After reviewing this site, they decided they liked our design style of fresh, clean and minimal, and our affordable website package prices and asked us to construct a similar site for them. Their design brief also required some custom design to allow them to add their own auctions so we included a CMS system.

Chris and I think you have done a fantastic job. In aussie terms, well done mate! Ryan




This was a website with a difference. The client provides secure cloud data services yet wanted a modern design style to their website. Another small business website project completed within 7 business days as quoted and on budget.




AUSCREDITS are Finance & Insurance specialists on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. The business partners were looking to refresh their old website. After a website review, we suggested our MINI Pro Small Business Website Package, plus custom design features including financial loan calculators and online application forms. The client's preferred call-to-action was to have website visitors phone on their 1300 number or local number, or for visitors to email.

We designed the website to highlight the clients logo, and keep navigation clear and obvious. We customised the online loan calculators with the clients colours and integrated them directly into the website. We included our SEO Package to ensure Google approves of the new site also. The new website was completed within 7 days, well inside the quoted time-frame. We wish AUSCREDITS well with their new website and for the rest of 2017.

The site looks fantastic. Modern, just enough info to inspire people to call usHeather




Late last year we were contacted by the owner of the Lilydale Veterinary Clinic in Melbourne to establish and manage their Google AdWords Campaign + a Landing Page. Renier, the owner was very happy with the results over the past few months so engaged us to build his new website for his sister Veterinary Clinic "Monbulk". We have designed and constructed a modern, fresh, minimalist website, including an SEO Foundation Package and blog for enhanced SEO value.

I am looking at the website now and love it!Renier




We would love to send out a big thanks to everyone as the year draws to a close. Why? We have had another exciting year at OURDESK thanks to our clients, and this Website + SEO + Social Media + AdWords package project was no different, as it was also a referral from another happy client from just a few months ago.

We were contacted by Ben the owner of 360 Displays in Sydney and after our initial conversation, provided our recommendations and quote which Ben accepted and we promptly started work. A short while later our replacement website was finished along with the Social Media Business Pages and the Google AdWords Campaign we constructed, ready to go live at the start of the new year. We wish Ben a great year for 2017 and will be their with him managing his AdWords Campaign as pert of our AdWords Management package.

I just viewed the new website and I’m liking very much what I’m seeing — Ben

PORTFOLIO — The Nutrition Clinician



We designed and built a new website + SEO for Casey over twelve months ago. Now due to Casey's diligent blog posting she is witnessing some excellent SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking. Additionally, Casey has requested we redesign her blogs into a more user-friendly structure, which Google will also reward.

We have now completed the update which includes a new Health & Nutrition Library, with nine categories, contain over forty personally written, original content posts. We enjoy working with our clients well after the original website is completed, helping with updates and advice that continue to propel our small business clients into the front of their market sector. Excellent, quality blogging Casey which has been rewarded by Google with improved ranking.

Thanks so much David, amazing work as always — Casey

PORTFOLIO — North Narrabeen Handyman



Thanks to another happy client referral, we had the opportunity to work with Penni & Graham, the owners of NN Handyman Services, based in Sydney's northern beaches. We were given the task to design and create a new website presenting a simple, modern, tablet and smartphone friendly site plus SEO and a Social Media package. The project was completed on time and the clients were delighted with the results.

We wish them well for the future and trust their new website will assist in generating new clients as they are found on Google searches for handyman services in their area.

Looks great, the site is amazing — Penni


Graham is super busy pretty much from just sharing his facebook page and website with all my contacts and then a few friends doing the same. Thanks again for making it so easy and quick too - feel so much more professional now — Penni

PORTFOLIO — The Cabinet House

PACKAGE:   Website + SEO + Domain Email


Thanks to another happy client referral, we had the opportunity to work with Rodney, the owner of The Cabinet House, another local Sunshine Coast small business. Rodney had an existing website that did not reflect his quality of work, passion or commitment to excellence. We were given the task to design and create a new website presenting his company as the professional business that it truly is and to incorporate their award from houzz as the Design Award Winner 2016.

The design brief included:

  • professional, inner-city feel
  • modern digital magazine feel
  • design a site different to market competitors
  • leverage their houzz design award
  • simplify the menu + navigation
  • condensed the number of web pages
  • to be smartphone + tablet + laptop friendly
  • incorporate a stylish + professional portfolio
  • onpage SEO
  • flexible to allow additional features later
  • online ordering of standard cabinets
  • partnership integration

The website was completed within the agreed time-frame and handover occurred today with the client. We wish Rodney and The Cabinet House the very best with their new website and for the remainder of 2016.

Love it. So much better than the old website. Showed the wife and she said "wow" — Rodney

PORTFOLIO — Prospera Finance

PACKAGE:   Website + SEO + Email + Social Media


Thanks to a referral from an existing happy client [thank you Reuben] we had the opportunity to assist Geoff with his online technology needs for his new small business. Geoff was looking for a custom designed website package for his mobile lender / finance brokerage business, which will be based in Sydney when it launches shortly.

We submitted our quotation for a small business website package, including a Custom Designed 12 page Brokerage Website, an SEO Services Package, a Social Media Package and Domain Email Setup and Hosting.

We designed and built the website to plan, along with Geoff's input. The final result was a modern website design, including large, high resolution images, with some in black and white. We incorporated CTAs [call-to-action] buttons and a timed popup to encourage user interaction and increase business for Geoff. We also included a blog page which will auto-post to the social media pages we built on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, to enhance the SEO value of the site.

Geoff plans to take the site live shortly, once he formally launches his new business as an independent mobile lender in Sydney. We wish him well for 2016 and beyond.

I’ve been through the site, really liking the colours, looks great. All getting exciting now! Thanks again for all your work. Cheers Geoff


PACKAGE:   Custom Website + Gmail Email


Another custom website and email package completed and in record time and at competitive pricing. This is the second website we have designed for this client's multiple businesses. He is an experienced trader who now offers trade services to third parties and was looking for a custom website.  The design brief was a modern, iPhone and iPad friendly site, with some customization to display current FX market prices and a gateway to his subscription software. We used large high resolution images and parallax scrolling in the design to make the site standout from the typical trading website designs.

We wish the ICEBERG FX team great success with their new website and business for 2016.

Thanks David the website looks great and we can not believe you designed and built it so quickly! The feel you achieved, the images you found and the scrolling effect and navigation. Excellent! — The Boys


PACKAGE:   Custom Website + SEO + Email


This project was a replacement for an aging website with the owners seeking a "Clean / Minimal / Clear Navigation / Warm Colours / Soft Fonts" feel. As the original site was very mature, an SEO Package was included especially with 301 redirects, to ensure the new website carries over the old Google rankings for each page. The client also had online booking, which had to be incorporated into the new site.

The end result is a mobile friendly website with a modern feel and clean obvious navigation via good menu structure. This is a custom designed small business website package with competitive pricing that small businesses can afford.  The project has gone from design to completion in less than 14 days.

This was an enjoyable website / SEO / Domain Email project as Paul Taylor and Renate Kraus, the owners and operators were a pleasure to work with. MT Warning Bed & Breakfast Retreat is a fabulous find for those looking to spend a little time in nature in the area. It has a selection of accommodation to suit most price brackets. I enjoy helping small businesses expand and grow and wish Paul and Renate a great 2016 with their new website.

Thanks for all the work you did for us, we really appreciate how prompt and professional you work. We are very happy with our new website. If you ever need references for potential customers, we are very happy to refer you to anyone Renate

PORTFOLIO — Metro Auctions

PACKAGE:   Custom Website + SEO


The design brief on this project was "Professional Business Modern Premium" and with an "SEO Package including 301 redirects to ensure the new website gets found on Google and carries over the old Google rankings". The client also understood the importance of "mobile friendly" and CTAs (call-to-actions) for the website.

We built a mobile friendly website with a modern feel and clean obvious navigation via good menu structure so super easy to use on a smartphone or tablet. This is a custom designed small business website package with competitive pricing that small businesses can afford.  The project has gone from design to completion in less than 10 days.

This was an enjoyable website and SEO project as David, the owner and operator was a pleasure to work with. David is highly regarded within the independent real estate auctioneering sector. I enjoy helping small businesses expand and grow and wish David and Metro Auctions a great 2016 with their new website.

When you first hit the site, has my hand with the gavel. Magic! Straight away has delivered the message and I love it. Thanks for all your hard work so far and overall, love itDavid

PORTFOLIO — Sunshine Coast Pumps

PACKAGE:   Custom Website + SEO


The official design brief was "a simple small business website to present the offered services" and with an "SEO Package to ensure the new website gets found on Google". We also discussed the importance of "mobile friendly" for any new website. The preferred CTA (call-to-action) for the website was to have clients call and discuss their needs, or use the online enquiry form if they preferred.

We built a mobile friendly website with a modern feel using parallax scrolling so super easy to use on a smartphone or tablet. This is a custom designed small business website package with competitive pricing that small businesses can afford.  The project was completed in under a week and is now live.

This was an enjoyable website and SEO project for several reasons. Wayne is the owner and operator of a local pumping, filtration, irrigation services business on the Sunshine Coast. I enjoyed working with Wayne as he is a highly qualified specialist within the pumping, filtration, irrigation sector and a friendly guy to work with too. I also love helping small businesses expand and grow. We wish Wayne and Sunshine Coast Pumps a great 2016 with their new website.

Hello David, the family and I have just viewed our new website, we love itWayne

PORTFOLIO — Oz Capital Group

PACKAGE:   Custom Website + SEO + Email


This months featured IT Project was for Peter of Oz Capital Group of Companies, based in Noosa Queensland.  Peter was referred to OURDESK by one of our previous clients, which is always appreciated. This was an interesting website package because the client required a custom designed website with secure / password protected members only pages.  We were also asked to provide an SEO Services pricing package and Domain Email. The client had his own particular design style which we worked with. The preferred CTA (call-to-action) for the website was to have clients complete an application form or to contact the office via phone or email. The website package is of course also mobile friendly.  We wish Oz Capital great success with his financial services business.

Love it!Peter

PORTFOLIO — Absolut Mowing

PACKAGE:   Website + Google AdWords


Our latest project was for a Sydney based new start-up or micro business called Absolut Mowing. The client contacted us for help with his AdWords Campaign which was a great success within just weeks. We then offered a Two Page Micro Website Package. The website was built within just days and was ready to go live.

Amazing, thanks David. So much better than the free Wix site we builtBen

PORTFOLIO — Horizon Mortgages

PACKAGE:   Website + SEO + Social Media

Our latest project was for a Sydney based independent mortgage broker, Reuben Brown of Horizon Mortgages. Reuben having started his own brokerage business after working for some years with one of the "big four" banks, was in the market for a professional website. 

Reuben kept the design brief simple; professional, contemporary, functional with clear navigation. He also wanted some customised extras including online loan calculators and an online loan application. The project also included OnPage SEO, a website blog and a Social Media package for added SEO value. The full project was completed on time and in just seven days.

Reuben is an experienced professional broker servicing Sydney clients, is a member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and also serves the local community as an Executive Member of the Warringah Chamber of Commerce. We wish Reuben well with his brokerage business and trust his new website small business package serves him well.

WOW! I love what you have done with the design lay-out. It looks professional, slick, contemporary, has great functionality and it’s easy to navigate about. Thanks again! Reuben

PORTFOLIO — Mary Brown Designs

PACKAGE    Website + Logo + Blog + PayPal

Our latest project was for a Sydney based artist Mary Brown. Mary was looking for a replacement to her aging website, and approached OURDESK thanks to a referral.

The design brief was quite particular which assisted us in designing and constructing a website that met all the clients needs and desires. The design took into account the clients desire for clean, spare, white space with a strong preference for negative space and polychromatic, due to the nature of her work and for accent of colour.  The project also included the design of a new logo. The site incorporates a blog as well as a portfolio, commissions, publications and projects pages to display the extensive client works now completed.

On handover earlier today, Mary expressed her delight with the completed project and gave us a 10/10.  Thank you Mary, it was a pleasure working with you. Mary Brown is truly a gifted embroider, designer, educator and consultant.

David has just completed my new website and I am ecstatic with its vibrant contemporary look. He is such a fantastic designer. I also couldn’t believe how incredibly efficient he was. He commenced on date and a few days before, reminded me to send all images and verbiage to him – wow!  He was wonderful through the whole process. I have no hesitation in recommending David as an amazing web designer. Mary

PORTFOLIO — The Nutrition Clinician

PACKAGE    Website + AdWords + Social Media + SEO

This was a great project for many reasons and I enjoyed working with the client, Casey Dick. Casey is a recently qualified passionate nutritionist practicing privately in Brisbane, interstate and abroad. She was looking for a small business website, professional yet with a simple design. The official design brief was "classy simplicity". Casey had already engaged a freelance designer Christina Perera (www.christinaperera.com) to create some graphics for the site and so I went with a blend of modern fashion feel with a hint of retro.

Casey is looking to actively promote her new business so the project also includes SEO and Social Media Packages. This will ensure improved Google search rankings organically over the coming months while generating immediate client enquiries via a Google AdWords Campaign package. We will also be hosting Casey's domain email and have integrated MailChimp into an eNewsletter subscription option within the website.

This was a great project to do. It's exciting helping another new small business launch, building the website, promoting it with SEO, Social Media and AdWords and enhancing the company image with domain email. A great small business package helping another Australian business, at very affordable prices and completed in under two weeks.

David, I love your work!!!  It makes me smile so much. I am very happy with it, thank you! I am so glad I have found you. Casey

PORTFOLIO — Prime Financial Perth

PACKAGE    Website + Email + eMarketing + SEO

This months featured IT Project is for Prime Financial Perth.  Lets be honest, brokerage websites can be rather dull so the design brief was for non-typical. We went with clean, crisp, sleek, big images, with some classy sex appeal. The preferred CTA (call-to-action) for the website was to have clients complete an application form or to contact the office via phone then email.

We built a mobile friendly website with a modern feel. We went with a mix of styling so it feels new (retro trend) yet will not date as quickly as it also incorporates some modern. We customised components including a Pop-up eNewsletter Invitation, Domain Email and SEO.  This is a custom designed small business website package with competitive pricing, to help Prime expand their business in Perth and beyond.

Prime Financial Perth are finance brokers who focus on their clients needs. They have a range of loan packages on offer including Low Doc, Commercial Equipment, Refinancing, Home and Car. Prime is another successful Australian small business and based in Perth, Western Australia.

Having a look at the website now and the finishing touches you have made, we love it! — Matt & Ash