PACKAGE    Web Style Email Newsletter

This month I thought I would post on the Email Newsletter service we offer to our clients and the project we just completed for an existing client, ArkOmega.

Email Marketing gives you another chance to "market" or promote your business to your past customers, increasing the chance of a new sale.

Firstly we establish an account for you using one of the leading Email Management programs and add your past clients email addresses. Next we design a professional marketing email or newsletter and send it out. These emails and newsletters are created in HTML or "website style" design, and present a very professional image of your business as you present your products or services.

Statistics show that selling to an existing customer is far cheaper and quicker than finding a new customer.  It takes time, effort and money to build "trust" in the mind of a potential customer, so they feel comfortable to move forward in the buying process. Remarketing with an Email Newsletter can be very effective.