PACKAGE    Website + AdWords + Social Media + SEO

This was a great project for many reasons and I enjoyed working with the client, Casey Dick. Casey is a recently qualified passionate nutritionist practicing privately in Brisbane, interstate and abroad. She was looking for a small business website, professional yet with a simple design. The official design brief was "classy simplicity". Casey had already engaged a freelance designer Christina Perera ( to create some graphics for the site and so I went with a blend of modern fashion feel with a hint of retro.

Casey is looking to actively promote her new business so the project also includes SEO and Social Media Packages. This will ensure improved Google search rankings organically over the coming months while generating immediate client enquiries via a Google AdWords Campaign package. We will also be hosting Casey's domain email and have integrated MailChimp into an eNewsletter subscription option within the website.

This was a great project to do. It's exciting helping another new small business launch, building the website, promoting it with SEO, Social Media and AdWords and enhancing the company image with domain email. A great small business package helping another Australian business, at very affordable prices and completed in under two weeks.

David, I love your work!!!  It makes me smile so much. I am very happy with it, thank you! I am so glad I have found you. Casey