PACKAGE    Website + Logo + Blog + PayPal

Our latest project was for a Sydney based artist Mary Brown. Mary was looking for a replacement to her aging website, and approached OURDESK thanks to a referral.

The design brief was quite particular which assisted us in designing and constructing a website that met all the clients needs and desires. The design took into account the clients desire for clean, spare, white space with a strong preference for negative space and polychromatic, due to the nature of her work and for accent of colour.  The project also included the design of a new logo. The site incorporates a blog as well as a portfolio, commissions, publications and projects pages to display the extensive client works now completed.

On handover earlier today, Mary expressed her delight with the completed project and gave us a 10/10.  Thank you Mary, it was a pleasure working with you. Mary Brown is truly a gifted embroider, designer, educator and consultant.

David has just completed my new website and I am ecstatic with its vibrant contemporary look. He is such a fantastic designer. I also couldn’t believe how incredibly efficient he was. He commenced on date and a few days before, reminded me to send all images and verbiage to him – wow!  He was wonderful through the whole process. I have no hesitation in recommending David as an amazing web designer. Mary