PACKAGE:   Website + SEO + Email + Social Media


Thanks to a referral from an existing happy client [thank you Reuben] we had the opportunity to assist Geoff with his online technology needs for his new small business. Geoff was looking for a custom designed website package for his mobile lender / finance brokerage business, which will be based in Sydney when it launches shortly.

We submitted our quotation for a small business website package, including a Custom Designed 12 page Brokerage Website, an SEO Services Package, a Social Media Package and Domain Email Setup and Hosting.

We designed and built the website to plan, along with Geoff's input. The final result was a modern website design, including large, high resolution images, with some in black and white. We incorporated CTAs [call-to-action] buttons and a timed popup to encourage user interaction and increase business for Geoff. We also included a blog page which will auto-post to the social media pages we built on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, to enhance the SEO value of the site.

Geoff plans to take the site live shortly, once he formally launches his new business as an independent mobile lender in Sydney. We wish him well for 2016 and beyond.

I’ve been through the site, really liking the colours, looks great. All getting exciting now! Thanks again for all your work. Cheers Geoff