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Websites are one of the most important assets of a business. Having a credible, professional and engaging online presence requires thought and effort. You know there are millions of websites out there, so how can you stand out from your competitors?

A good website grabs your attention, awakes your emotions, and gives you what you need without effort. Building a great website for your small business is possible, you just need to know how.  Here's our 10 Tips for a Successful Small Business Website that will encourage visitors to engage your business, helping your business to grow.

1.  Structure with Clear Navigation

A good website is well structured, not cluttered, they are clean and professional and built for their target audience.

2.  Mobile Friendly

Google has confirmed their roll-out of “mobile friendliness” as now being a major factor in their search rankings. It is no longer an option to have a mobile friendly site as those that are not, are now penalized and placed lower in the search results listing.

3.  Engaging Design

A small business website needs to convert its visitors to customers. A beautifully designed site (think: clean, fresh, contemporary, minimal) will encourage your visitors to engage your business — helping your business to grow.

4.  Original Content

Successful websites focus on aligning their audience’s needs with their products on offer. Relevant and original content builds the visitor’s interest, meets their need, encourages them to get involved, invite their friends and come back for more.

5.  Eye-grabbing Images

Often the focus is on the written content, yet images are a significantly important aspect too. People are very much drawn to beautiful or amazing images so be sure to include eye-grabbing, high quality, good resolution images.

6.  Easy to Read

Most people don’t read websites; they scan them. Contrast, hierarchy and formatting help the site’s readability by making the content easy on the visitor’s eyes. Contrast between the text color and the website background is very important.

7.  Fast Loading

Optimized graphics will allow your business website to load quickly for your visitor. Users don’t want to wait for slow content to download, they want their information quickly and will choose to leave if loading speeds are too slow.

8.  Search Engine Optimized

A great website with no visitors is an invisible website. SEO or search engine optimization will help bring an audience to the site. It is also important to consider that bringing relevant users plays a key role in the growth of a website. It is not just about establishing a generic audience, it is about bringing potential customers that will appreciate and pay for your services.

9.  Site Analytics

Website analysis give insight into what is happening on your site. Good websites measure their traffic and use this data to make improvements and marketing decisions. We recommend setting up a free Google Analytics account for your new website.

10.  Incoming Links

Incoming Links are still an important factor in determining where a website will appear in search engine results.  We encourage you to promote your new small business website on high-quality sites like Google Local, Yahoo! Local, Yellow Pages, LinkedIn and more. Another way to promote and generate quality links is to submit articles to websites related to your industry. Most online magazines or blogs allow a link back to your website from your article.


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