OURDESK - Domain Name Email Hosting Service

Most small businesses in Australia approach OURDESK for a new website or for Google AdWords help as they have found it challenging to achieve good results themselves. Often clients then realise they need to lift their business image and decide to add domain email into the project too.

What is Domain Email Hosting?

Domain Email is when you use your website name (domain name) in your email address. For example you@your-business.com.au. We can establish and host your domain email for your business, helping you present a more professional image. We can also remotely configure your email on your computers and guide you over the phone to configure your smartphones, ready to use.

What is Web Mail?

Web Mail is the term used when you use your web browser such as Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer to access your email. We offer FREE Web Mail access to all our domain email clients, providing an alternative access point to your email for when you are away from your own computer or smartphone.

For more information, visit our new Domain Email Hosting page.

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