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Google “mobile friendliness”

Google has finally confirmed their roll-out of “mobile friendliness” as now being a major factor in their search rankings. With this change we will see many websites that have not been optimized for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc) losing their ranking position on the Google search results page. The importance of the mobile platform could not be ignored any longer as simply a minority and Google as responded accordingly.

OURDESK offers all clients the option to have their site optimized for mobile viewing and we have found over the past 18 months most clients have opted to go with this recommendation.

We design and construct our client websites with an equal importance placed on Quality Content, Mobile Friendly, Function, Logical Navigation and a clean minimal design. We test our websites on smartphones and tablets ensuring every blog post, image gallery, and page is fully optimized, as a final assurance of their Google approved "mobile friendliness".

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