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It’s common knowledge that search engine optimisation has become more complex over the last few years. Google's algorithms are more advanced with semantic search to comprehend the users queries where as in the past, it would only view words and phrases. Now with Google’s latest search algorithms the process for optimising a website has again changed.

Original SEO

Just a few years ago, SEO for small business websites was mathematical, a more precise process, and required technical expertise to make the changes necessary to achieve improvements in the search engines results.

The original SEO process for small business websites was focused on logical website structure and well chosen keywords written into the website content. As a result, this generated a vast number of poor-quality content websites. Google evolved to favour websites that provided higher quality content which indirectly punished website that appeared to be almost spam-content engaging in manipulative, spam tactics. The good news is that SEO is no longer a keyword numbers game. Google's process for calculating quality site ranking has improved greatly, leading to high web rankings more directly.

Small Business Website SEO

In 2015, SEO is more about producing a high-quality user experience. What does this mean to the average small business website owner? Its all about building a foundation for an SEO campaign, using a combination of:

  • Onsite Content

Onsite [website] content is one of the most important factors for SEO, though keywords are still important. Your content needs to be plentiful, detailed, well written and appropriate for your industry. This means using your home and internal pages to accurately describe the course of your business. Another key is taking advantage of your website blog. Posting as often as possible with helpful, specific content. Posting new content on a weekly, if not on daily basis to start building your credibility with Google and other search engines.

  • Social Media

It’s also relatively easy to get involved on social media. Most businesses have already created their profiles on Facebook, Twitter and more recently GooglePlus. Once they have their business page they can start promoting their website content by posting links to their site. This will increase traffic and visibility, and most importantly, improve their website content’s authority in search engine analyses. It’s also important for businesses to communicate with their social followers directly; regular engagement and large followings are important social signals used to calculate rank.

  • Offsite [off website] Content and Authority Building

No SEO strategy is complete without a solid offsite strategy. Since link building is no longer about achieving a large number of back-links or just placing a series of target keywords, it’s necessary for business owners to devise a successful strategy. To get started with an offsite link building campaign, find a handful of blogs and forums related directly to your industry, and make relevant, on-topic posts with occasional links pointing back to relevant pages on your website. Guest blogging is another avenue to build authority on external sites, and can result in a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with any platforms you choose to partner with.

  • Online Reviews

Cultivating positive online reviews is another important and beneficial step in developing your SEO. You will first need to construct your business profiles on third party review sites like Yelp. Then incorporate these site links into your website and then provide the best level of service you can to your clients. The more genuine, positive reviews you have, the greater you’ll rank in the search results.

Take Action

Unfortunately, where most small businesses will fall short is right at this point… taking action. Too many simply can’t handle all these tasks. The sheer number of tasks necessary to build a prominent online position is overwhelming, and for those that do act, often they lack the expertise which then eventually compromises the efficiency of the entire campaign. The secret to making it actually happen is to work with an SEO Services Company that specialises in Small Businesses SEO and building a plan together. Each should have tasks they will complete, based on which tasks they feel capable to do and which they are better to outsource.

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