OURDESK - Instantly Improve Your Small Business Website - Part 3

Drive Conversions From The Start

Let’s get to the heart of it. Why did you buy a small business website package, or have a website designer build your business site, why does it even exist? There must have been something you wanted to accomplish!

The goal of your website should culminate in an action. You want users to do something: read an article, sign up for a free trial, download a resource or buy a product. Your homepage must serve this purpose. It is the start of the process of guiding them down the path to the action you want them to take… you must call for this action on your homepage.

Many websites commit a tragic error when they leave off the call to action. This is a serious mistake! The homepage is the most visited page on your website. It is a page of utmost importance and critical conversion potential. Don’t waste it.

Here are ways to drive conversions on your homepage:

  • Use a prominent headline that calls for action
  • Make your USP (unique selling proposition) a clear part of your homepage
  • Feature a large CTA button above the fold-line on your homepage

In Conclusion

Each of these three elements are connected. Simplicity, Usability, and Action. A simple website is also a more effective website, and an effective website focuses on a single conversion action. Effective sites reduce choice, and reducing choice increases conversions. Creating greater effectiveness, by necessity, improves simplicity, which feeds again into a higher rate of conversions. Each one is related and dependant on the others. As a result, once you start to focus on the first element of a killer homepage, you are forced to deal with the rest.

Instead of being a cluttered placeholder for everything, your homepage is transformed into a powerful force to be reckoned with.

David  —  OURDESK  —  Strategic IT & Website Packages for Small Business