A Website Without SEO is Like a Website Without Colour

Building a website without SEO is like a website without colour, actually worse, like building a house with no street access, power or phone line. Who will know it exists or even visit your site? A small business website without SEO actually makes a website rather pointless. It is generally accepted now that any small business that wants to grow or even survive needs a professional website. Well I would like to suggest that in 2016, all websites need SEO if they want to be found on Google. And let's face it, Google is THE tool of choice when it comes to locating a business to provide you with the product or service you seek.

SEO Now Included in All Website Packages

If I build a website for a small business, I feel I am letting them down if I don't include SEO. OURDESK small business website packages are strategically designed to convert visitors to customers, but the website must receive visitors to start with, if it is going to convert them to customers. Again, the answer is quality SEO. I feel that strongly about this, that I have updated all OURDESK Small Business Website Packages Pricing to include critical SEO elements to start building your Google presence. It's far more economical to include SEO at the website construction stage than after it's completed.

If you are considering a new small business website, I encourage you to select a website pack that includes SEO and start building your Google presence from the first day your new website goes live. Visit our Website page more information on OURDESK Website Packages Pricing.

David — OURDESK — Websites + SEO + AdWords for Small Businesses Australia Wide