Google Loves New Original Quality Content

So without re-writing all the content on your website (that's a larger SEO task) how can you give Google what it demands; new quality original content? Easy... write NEW, ORIGINAL QUALITY content and post it on your website blog!

Will Blogging Really Help My SEO?

Will Blogging really help my SEO on my small business website? Google loves fresh content and so do your own website visitors. A blog is a great way to push out new fresh content. This usually raises an immediate question: what to write about?

Think about your business and the every day events that occur. You can write about a customer case study, an event you recently attended or explain one of your products or services in detail.

If you do blog, make sure you place a link to the relevant page of your site where the reader can find the solution or call to action. For example, if you are blogging about the SEO Service that you offer with guaranteed results and no contracts, then you would put a link in the post pointing to the page on your website where the user can find more information about your SEO Service.

A new blog post creates a new page. The more pages your small business has on the internet, the more places people can find you. The more paths back to your website, the more searchers that can become customers.

If you are looking to improve your Google Ranking and would like to take a more comprehensive approach, you can view our SEO Services page.

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