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To Google AdWords or Not?

The new year is underway at OURDESK and I was looking at some ideas for a Google AdWords Campaign I am constructing for a new client to help them move their small business forward in 2016. In my search, I stumbled upon this quote from Henry Ford.  I found this interesting as it aligns with the concept of our AdWords Help Campaigns.  Over the past twelve months, we have constructed many new AdWords Campaigns which lead me to rebuilding our AdWords Help page on our website.  While I do not consider AdWords a fix-all for all small business growth, I do recommend potential new AdWords clients read our 5 Point Test — Can Google AdWords Help? on our Google AdWords Help page. If you can then answer yes to the 5 points raised, I think you have a genuine chance of benefiting from an AdWords Campaign to help you move forward this year.

David — OURDESK — Websites + SEO + AdWords for Small Businesses Australia Wide