Ad Rank — The Key To AdWords Campaign Success

There must be a million posts on just as many blog sites talking about every aspect and perspective of AdWords, and not so surprisingly, with more than a few contradicting each other. A critical aspect of any AdWords Campaign is Ad Rank, the value that's used to calculate your ad position on a SERP or Search Engine Results Page.

Understanding Ad Rank

Ad Rank is calculated using:

  • Your Bid Price
  • Quality Score - CTR or Click Through Rate
  • Quality Score - Ad Relevance
  • Quality Score - Landing Page Relevance
  • Quality Score - Ad Extensions and other
  • Quality Score - Ad Formating

Ad Rank calculates your ad position on the Search Engine Results Page with the key aspects being your bid price, the quality of your ads and website. Google evaluate these different aspects and gives you an Ad Rank score. So even if your competitor has a higher bid price than you, you can still secure a higher ad position on the Search Engine Results Page. Your Ad Rank is recalculated every time your ad is displayed, so your ad position can change each time depending on these variables for you and other advertisers at the time.

A well constructed AdWords Campaign takes into account not just the often talked about KeyWords, but all these aspects to ensure a successful campaign yielding great results and at an affordable click price.

Hal Varian — Chief Economist Google

Hal Varian, Googles Chief Economist explains this in more detail in a video, should you be interested, you can view it here.

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