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small business SEO



Is SEO for Small Business Really Necessary?  A website without SEO is like a house with no street access, power or phone line. No one will know it exists or visit. Google's Search Engine Optimisation algorithms have advanced and are semantically aware to comprehend not just words but search phrases. Therefore optimising your website so it can be found requires understanding Google's site evaluation formula.

High-quality User Experience

In 2017, Small Business Website SEO is about producing a high-quality user experience by building a solid website foundation.

  • Quality Relevant Onsite Content
  • Onsite Meta Data
  • Blogs / Social Media
  • External Links
  • Online Reviews


The Secret to Successful SEO

The secret to making Small Business SEO work is to build your Google presence. How? Optimise your website so Google understands your website and can show it to the right people searching for your product or service. See our package details below.


 Google Partner & SEO Services  OURDESK is an SEO Services Australia Company providing SEO Help to Small Business around Australia .

Google Partner & SEO Services

OURDESK is an SEO Services Australia Company providing SEO Help to Small Business around Australia.

SEO packages

SEO packages


SEO Foundation Package Includes:

  • Website Text Content  —  Relevant Quality Content Audit
  • Competitor Analysis  —  Review Key Competitors to Identify Opportunities
  • Website KeyWord  —  Audit + New KeyWord Generation
  • Website Rewrite  —  Including KeyWords + Relevant Content (5 Key Pages)
  • Onsite Meta Data  —  Edit Page Titles + URLs + SERP Text + H1 Titles
  • Image Files  —  Image Renaming + Size Optimisation (primary images)
  • Google Analytics  —  Establish Google Analytics for Website Traffic Analysis
  • Google Crawl  —  Request Google to Re-crawl your Updated Website
  • External Links  —  Construct Business Profile on High Traffic Online Directories
  • No Outsourcing  —  All work completed in-house (No Overseas Outsourcing)

Organic Clicks 83%

Percentage of Organic Clicks from the Top Four Positions of Google Page One.

Only Page One 75%

Percentage of users who Don't scroll past Page One in Google.

Online Searchers 85%

Percentage of consumers who search online for local products and services.

SEO Advance Package Includes:

  • Original Articles  —  Five Professionally Written [BBus+Dip.Jour] Original Content Articles
  • Post Meta Data  —  SEO Page Titles + URLs + SERP Text + H1 Titles
  • Blog Posting  —  Posted Weekly on Your Business Website Blog Page
  • Social Media  —  Post Five Summary Articles + Back-links to Blog on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Imagery  —  Provide Hi Resolution Photograph / Image and post with each article
  • No Contracts  —  One Time Payment provides Five Professionally Written Original Content Articles
  • No Outsourcing  —  All work completed in-house (No Overseas Outsourcing)

SEO + social media business pages

SEO + social media business pages

SEO Social Media Business Pages

If you wish to use our SEO Services Package shown above, though do not yet have any Social Media Business Pages, we can create these for you.

SEO & Networking Benefits

Social Media can provide significant SEO benefits as well as opportunities to network and promote your business. We can build you a business page on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter to match your website design and then link it with your website. We can also add a Blog page to your website to bring it all together as the hub for your posts.

Social Media & Blog Setup Includes:

  • Construct Facebook Business Page
  • Construct Google Plus Business Page
  • Construct Twitter Business Page
  • Construct Blog Page on Your Website
  • Add Social Media Icons to Website + Link

SEO 10 point check list

SEO 10 point check list


SEO Small Business Help Centre

Is SEO really necessary for Small Businesses in Australia? The honest answer is "it depends". However the real question to ask, is SEO right for YOUR small business? This question is far easier to answer and with more accuracy.

In simple terms SEO is LESS critical if your new customers will typically come from other channels. For example, face-to-face promotions (you have a sales representative) or public promotions and so do not need to rely on your website generating new leads or sales.

However, for MOST small businesses it is highly valuable to be able to generate sales and/or new leads from your website. To be found on the first few pages of Google or even on page one can make significant improvements to your small business success. Why let your competitors have that advantage?

If you are still looking for help to understand SEO and to decide if it is a good decision for your small business, then we encourage you to read our 10 Point SEO check list just below.



10 Point Check List — SEO for Small Business

There are more than 200 aspects that Google takes into account when ranking websites on its search engine results pages. Obviously that makes it almost impossible for anyone to ensure they cover them all. What we can do though is apply the 80/20 rule. We can focus on 20% of the key aspects when optimising a website to generate 80% of the Google ranking values to achieve a better Search Engine Results Page or SERP position.

In all honesty there is more to Quality SEO than just a simple list of points to address, but addressing the ranking factors listed below will still help you achieve a better position on a Google SERP.

1. Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Google announced recently that they would be penalising websites that are not mobile friendly. Over 50% of all Internet usage is via a mobile device and 75% of web visitors will leave your site if it is not mobile friendly.

2. SEO Friendly URL Structure

Many website platforms these days (including WordPress) generate websites using a code structure that is not SEO friendly or lack a clear URL structure. Your site needs to have SEO friendly URL’s if you want to rank well on Google.

3. SEO Friendly Page Titles

Page titles are a vital part of SEO. These are the words that appear inside the <title> tag which shows up is the search results. Ensure you give each page a unique title that includes relevant keywords.

4. SEO Friendly Page Descriptions

Page descriptions or “meta descriptions” are the short description that Google displays under the URL on its search results. Like page titles, you should incorporate your target keyword or phrase in your page description for each page. Every page of your website needs to have the page titles and page descriptions set up correctly.

5. SEO Friendly Content

Content is without a doubt the “secret weapon” when it comes to SEO. You might have heard the phrase “content is king” and it is true now more than ever. Write fresh New, Original Quality content.

6. Use Keywords in Heading Tags

Google looks at the heading tags on your page to get an idea of what the page content is about and what content on the page you believe to be most important. It uses this information as part of its algorithm to decide where it will rank a website on its search results.

7. Have an XML Sitemap

When you add content to your website you want Google to know about it as soon as possible. Having an xml sitemap that automatically adds your latest blog content or pages will help Google index your website sooner and improve your rank position on the search results.

8. Website Loading Speed

Google doesn’t want its users waiting around for your website to load, that is a bad user experience. So make sure you don’t have clunky code or image files that are too large and take too long to load. Speeding up your site load time can help increase your rankings.

9. Blogging for SEO

Will Blogging really help my SEO on my small business website? Google loves fresh content and so do your own website visitors. A blog is a great way to push out new fresh content. This usually raises an immediate question: what to write about? Think about your business and the every day events that occur. You can write about a customer case study, an event you recently attended or explain one of your products or services in detail.

10. External Links

Google has placed some weight on how many other local reputable sites have your details on them. You can cover this by listing your business on a few directories. Make sure you also have links back to your website on all your social media profiles. Do understand though, just because you tweet and like pages on Facebook, that wont improve your SEO ranking.


5 SEO Errors of Australian Small Business

There are many misconceptions about Small Business Website SEO and how it really works. As Google redefines the algorithms each year it can be hard or even impossible for small business owners to keep up. Making it even more challenging are the rules that differ between search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Here is a list of five common SEO misconceptions or errors that are currently out there:

#1 — SEO Is Cheap and Easy To Do

Optimizing your website can take time, and in all honesty, will need the help of a professional. It’s not something that can be done by an untrained small business owner. There are many many aspects to quality SEO for your website that need to be addressed and in harmony with each other to convince the search engines to take your website seriously. SEO is not cheap, it takes time. Just like any other service you’d pay a professional to supply, the optimization of your website is something you want done right. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it and on Google Page One.

#2 — SEO is No Longer Necessary

SEO is alive and well. Some people might try to tell you it doesn’t matter these days as Google knows all about your website. In reality, SEO is more important in 2016 than ever. Every search engine uses its own specific algorithms to track websites, and these algorithms are based on mathematics and formulas and in an attempt to improve search results for the searcher, the rules change each few years, so it's important to remain current and relevant. Optimization isn’t going anywhere, so it’s best to get optimised and make sure you stay on Google Page One and get found.

#3 — You Just Need Keywords and Tags

SEO is so much more than just keywords and tags on your website pages and images. In actuality, poorly placed keywords can hinder your SEO search objectives. If your website is bloated with keywords, it can be tagged as spam by the search engines and over use of them can be off-putting to to your website visitors. Meta Tags are similar, over used and you can cause problems. For example, title tags and meta description tags for each web page are still very important and must be unique to each page to be most effective. Knowing which tags are important and how to implement them is critical to your success.

#4 — Links Are No Longer Important

Links are in fact very important and must be done well. While you can buy links for pages that just link and relink back to your site, these produce unnatural results and search engines will penalize your site for them. You want organic site visitors. You also want your website to link to all of your social media pages, so people can easily navigate between them. This does not just help with the search engines but naturally assists your social media followers to find your website which generates more natural traffic which the search engines will see and reward.

#5 — SEO Is The Most Important Aspect of Your Website

SEO is important, no doubt, but Google demands high-quality user experience and that means Quality Relevant Fresh Original Onsite Content. The most attractive website with great SEO won’t achieve your desired results if the content is not meeting the visitors needs and expectations. Having quality, unique content is crucial to your small business websites success. It’s the foundation.

SEO Small Business Website Summary

SEO is now more important then it has ever been and if applied correctly, which really does mean working with an experienced professional, will give your small business the edge that it needs in search engine rankings.


Servicing Clients Australia Wide

OURDESK is a Small Business IT Specialist and registered Google Partner providing SEO Services Australia Wide for Small Business including clients from the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.